Professional Contracting supporting construction of environmentally
sound dwellings that benefit the dweller and the planet.


- Building design starts with an image for a structure on a specific site.
- ideas turn to sketches and  more details are imagined.

We meet at the site and  start to develop the criteria for the project. Such as: site factors, budget, energy requirements, passive solar orientations, landscape ideas, local building codes, building styles, views and, above all, the visions, needs, and desires of the homeowner.

Building a custom home can be a challenging process, but the results are dreams come true.

As a Design/Build Contractor . we refine the ideas into working drawings.
We use CAD programs that allow 3D viewing and floor plans for every level. These images are very helpful in sharing ideas. 
The design decisions move from shapes and sizes, thru many levels of details.
Our focus has been on designing high efficiency buildings.
We have designed and built  strawbale homes, timber framed and stick framed with dual wall construction. We dense pack with cellulose insulation for R-32 plus walls, floors and ceilings receive R-40 plus.  This creates a comfortable and efficient means to control interior temperature.

Overhangs are designed for passive solar heating in winter to shading in summer. Also are great for dry space in rainy times.
Some of the alternative energy systems we have implemented are Radiant heating, solar electric, solar water heating, off-grid systems and external boilers. Local wood  resources available in Southern Oregon are plentiful and beautiful, they add richness to dwellings.  

Our Design and Building Services: 
- incorporate our knowledge of  high quality building systems and details to the drawings.
- CAD drawings and site consultations.
                             -   time and cost figures during design phase.
                             -  Site marking for proposed buildings, roads and underground services.
                              -   Site development : schedule new services ( electric, water, etc..), roadways, grading and clearing.
                             -  Construction phase

The completion of the Design phase.
The designed drawings become the blueprint that everyone can understand.
 It provides the owners with a check list for the design criteria.
It provides a map for multiple trades, engineers, and local building departments.
The plans are submitted and the construction phase begins.
The timing for this process is different for each job.   
A well designed home produces a beautiful reflection of your dreams!